Wedding - Just a perfect day...

Wedding - Just a perfect day...

Just a perfect day...

Wedding In Italy ? Why not !

With us your Italian wedding dream can become reality.
We'll provide several locations, catering, equipment, entertainment and all our support in order to organize your marvellous Italian wedding.
Romantic candle lights or minimal design... we can study different solutions in order to make you feel comfortable and amaze your guests during your special day.

With our partners we can study the ideal menu for you. Vegetarian dishes, particular sea food,typical meats, hams and cheese... ask us information about the menu, we can compose the ideal choice for you and your guests.
For the young guest, but also for all people, a particular selection of sweets and candies in order to coloured your wedding!

Charming flying dancers, splendid fireworks, beautiful luminarie can be the entertainment
background of your events. Contact us, we can learn more about your needs and give you all our support in order to make your best choice.

The right choice for everyone in the perfect Italian Style!

We collect for you some of the most enchanting locations all around Italy,unique places where welcome your perfect day....  hereunder a presentation of wonderful Venetian Villas 


Villa Chiminelli – Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Surrounded by the beautiful countryside, the Villa is equipped with several spaces perfetly suitable to different solution for your special day.
A little Villa completely covered with frescoes made during the XVI sec. by Veronese's scholar Benedetto Caliari.


Villa Calvi di Coenzo – Pederobba (TV)

This marvellous Villa is placed in the heart of Prosecco Hills, a charming background surronded with green spaces. The building is XVII sec., a big garden and a tulle gazebo can host till 240 people during your happy day.
The other rooms of the Villa can be equipped as you like.


Cantine Amistani – Pederiva di Montebelluna (TV)

This location is a 1540 wine cellar, an hystorical monument.
In this unique space, you can manage your special day with a particular taste. Here simplicity, charme and elegance melt together in order to make you feel like the noble Venetian people.


Villa Gioia Grande – Rosà (VI)

Ancient refuge of noble venetian people during summer days, now Villa Gioia Grande is completely restored and equipped in order to host different kind of events. The large garden is the perfect set for your wedding shooting and in the rooms you can feel comfortable.


Ca' Marcello – Levada (VE)

The name of this noble family derives from two Latin words: “mare” and “caelum” - sea and sky.
Looking at this marvellous location, you and your guest will be directly projected into a magical atmoshpere of ancient times.

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